Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More than Just Manly Skirts: Kilts A Sign Of True Manliness

Scottish men aren’t the only ones wearing these manlykilts—a lot of men all over the world are now ditching pants and opting for kilts. And they aren’t just being worn as a fashion statement—many men today are wearing them as every-day wear, because they like them. One area in particular is with men who perform tough anddirty jobs. Perhaps it’s because kilts impart to any man with the stones to dawn one, a strengthened sense of manliness. Ironically, there are numerous scientific studies say this is so.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sport and Cargo Kilts for Sale: A Fashion Trend Beyond Cultural Heritage

One of the coolest things Scotland brought to the world is their famous knee-length skirt for men, usually made of pleated tartan cloth – the traditional kilt. Although men customarily wore them, changes in fashion trends have seen women and girls proudly sport kilts too. Evolution in the design of the garment brought them to a whole new level today with kilts that are considerably lighter and feature deeper pockets, which make them cooler and more comfortable for casual or formal activities.Sport and cargo kilts are not only convenient and representative of the traditional Scottish heritage, they also offer health benefits too, especially for men.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ways to Wear Your Contemporary Kilt for Casual or Formal Occasions

Kilts are extremely cool, fashionable and comfortable enough to wear everyday for tough men. Thanks to the introduction of contemporary or utility kilts, they have become even more accessible and casual. It’s now possible to wear a kilt all year for any occasion without looking out of place, be it a wedding, a normal workday, or a trip to get the messages(a Scottish phrase that means "I'm doing the (grocery) shopping"). Here are suggestions on how to wear your kilt.