Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UT Kilt Offers Fully Blacked-Out Deluxe and Traditional Wool Kilts

Black is a classic color for a reason. It is powerful and authoritative, making clothing appear sophisticated in an understated manner. These qualities all appear in UT Kilts’ Blackout Line featuring two main selections: the Deluxe Blackout Modern Utility Kilt and the Black Isle Blackout Tartan 100% Wool Men’s Kilt. The Deluxe Blackout Modern Utility Kilt is similar to the deluxe kilts with everything blacked out, even the buttons and buckles. As part of the deluxe line, it boasts more features than standard kilts. For instance, the side cargo pockets are made even bigger, with two additional back pockets to give you all the storage space that you need. The studded front apron is designed to give the kilt a unique look, and the side buckles are retained to add more flair while allowing some adjustment for your hip area. The Deluxe Blackout Modern Utility Kilt is made from a poly-cotton blend material that is highly durable and able to withstand various conditions.